Meet The Team

Kyndra Miller, Esq

CEO & Principal Lawyer

Kyndra Miller is an attorney at law and CEO of CannaBusiness Law, Inc. – an online law firm that serves California medical cannabis patients. Similarly she was elected to be a board a member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws in 2012.

Kyndra graduated from UC San Diego in 1994 and Lincoln School of Law in 2002. After passing the California Bar, she worked with Americops as a volunteer attorney.

Ms. Miller later went on to open her own private practice entertainment law firm in Los Angeles, CA. Now, she helps medical marijuana businesses remain compliant through her work with CannaBusiness Law.

Cannabusiness Law Editorial Team

Cannabusiness Law is committed to providing legal and subject matter expertise for the cannabis industry. Our editorial team is dedicated to providing insights and expertise in the areas of cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and retail so that new entrepreneurs and legal firms entering the industry can have the guidance and information needed. Meet the team that brings you the information you want most.

Alexis Wilson Briggs, J.D.

Lawyer & Writer

Alexis worked in the U.S. criminal court system as a defense attorney for over a decade prior to relocating to Amsterdam, Netherlands. The last half was spent among her colleagues at Pier 5 Law Offices handling criminal matters throughout the California state courts and federal system as well as pro hoc vice in Washington and Arizona. Alexis devoted a significant portion of her criminal practice to pro bono representation of those engaged in civil disobedience, including alleged members of Anonymous, Occupy, and the journalists who documented their efforts. She is the founder and owner of Alpha-Omega Consulting, a Dutch ZZP, which provides support for international non-profit organizations seeking to abolish mass incarceration and restore civil liberties. Since September 2016, she has served as the Justice Fellow at the Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice.

Erica Treeby, Esq

Lawyer & Staff Writer

Golden Gate University School of Law (2010)
University of California, Berkeley (2003)

Erica joined Pier 5 Law Offices as a practicing criminal defense attorney in 2011, where she was given the opportunity to learn from and work with a talented group of like-minded attorneys, who share her passion for fighting for what is right. While the bulk of her practice has been focused on defending those accused of cannabis and drug-related crimes, she also handles appeals and post-conviction cases. Erica is admitted to all California State Courts, as well as the Federal Northern District Court of California.