Sierra County

Regulations for Cannabis Related Commercial Activity

County Description

Sierra County is a county located in the U.S. state of California. As of the 2010 census, the population was 3,240[1] making it the second-least populous county in California. The county seat is Downieville,[2] and the only incorporated city is Loyalton. The county is located in the Sierra Nevada, northeast of Sacramento on the border with Nevada. Sierra County was formed from parts of Yuba County in 1852. The county derives its name from the Sierra Nevada.

Political Statistics

County Board of Supervisors

State Senate

CA State Senate (District 1 )
Senator Ted Gaines-REP

State Assembly

CA State Assembly (1st District )
Assembly Member Brian Dahle -REP

US Congress

U.S. Congress – House of Representatives – (1st District)
Senator Doug LaMalfa –REP

US Senators

U.S. Senators –State of California
Kamala D. Harris and Diane Feinstein



Sierra County Municipal Code ORDINANCE NO. 1 0 71 (effective May 19, 2016)

Amending Sections 8.01.030; 8.01.040; and 8.01.080 of the Sierra County Code; Repealing Section 8.01.250 of the Sierra County Code; and Adding Chapter 8.02 Pertaining to Administrative Penalties for Public Nuisances Created by Cultivation of Medical Marijuana in Violation of Chapter 8.01 of the Sierra County Code

  • C. Marijuana Cultivation is prohibited on any Parcel within the unincorporated territory of Sierra County except as an accessory use to a legally established Residence on a Legal Parcel.
  • D. Medical Marijuana Cultivation may be undertaken only by:
    • 1. A Qualified Patient who occupies a legal Residence on the Legal Parcel being
      used for Medical Marijuana Cultivation as his or her primary place of Residence.
    • 2. A Primary Caregiver on behalf of his or her Qualified Patient(s) but only on a
      Legal Parcel with a legal Residence which is occupied by the Qualified Patient or
      by the Primary Caregiver as his or her primary place of Residence.
  • G. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Chapter (8.01) to the contrary, the following limitations apply to Cultivation of Marijuana, both as to Indoor and to Outdoor Cultivation on any property located within the unincorporated area of Sierra County
    • 1. Medical Marijuana Cultivation shall be limited to ten (10) Marijuana plants,
      whether mature or immature, which Cultivation shall not exceed a total area of
      one hundred (1 00) square feet. Plants may be grown in no more than ten (1 0)
      planting beds, the total aggregate of all ten beds not to exceed the maximum of
      one hundred (100) square feet and all plants to be within fifty (50) feet of each
  • 3. Cultivation on any Parcel shall be for no more than two (2) individuals, whether as Qualified Patients and/or Primary Caregivers, such that no more than twenty (20) Marijuana plants within a square footprint not to exceed two hundred (200) square feet shall be allowed on any Parcel.



8.01.040 Nuisance Declared; Cultivation Restrictions

  • B. Commercial Cannabis Activity of any nature and in any amount or quantity within the unincorporated territory of Sierra County is hereby prohibited.



8.01.030 Definitions

  • E. “Commercial Cannabis Activity” shall have the same meaning as set forth in
    Business & Professions Code section 19300.5(k) and shall include all commercial cannabis-related activities contemplated by or for which a license may be required as set forth in AB 266, AB 243, and SB 643 and (codified in the California Business & Professions Code, Government Code, Health and Safety Code, Labor Code and Revenue and Taxation Code) and shall include delivery of marijuana to any person or entity within Sierra County.

8.01.040 Nuisance Declared; Cultivation Restrictions

  • B. Commercial Cannabis Activity of any nature and in any amount or quantity within the unincorporated territory of Sierra County is hereby prohibited.

8.01.030 Definitions

  • P. “Medical Marijuana Collective” means Qualified Patients and/or designated
    Primary Caregivers of Qualified Patients, who associate, or form a cooperative in
    accordance with Section 12300 ofthe Corporations Code, within the unincorporated area of the County in order to collectively or cooperatively cultivate Marijuana for medical purposes, as provided in Health and Safety Code section 11362.775, as may be amended.The term collective shall include “cooperative” unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

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