Merced County

Regulations for Cannabis Related Commercial Activity

County Description

Merced County (/mərˈsɛd/ mər-sed), is a county located in the northern San Joaquin Valley section of the Central Valley, in the U.S. state of California. As of the 2010 census, the population was 255,793. The county seat is Merced. The county is named after the Merced River.

Merced County comprises the Merced, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is included in the Modesto-Merced, CA Combined Statistical Area. It is located north of Fresno County and Fresno, and southeast of Santa Clara County and San Jose.

Political Statistics

County Board of Supervisors

State Senate

CA State Senate (District 12)
Senator Anthony Cannella -REP

State Assembly

CA State Assembly (District 21)
Assembly Member Adam Gray -DEM

US Congress

U.S. Congress – House of Representatives (16th District)
Senator Jim Costa -DEM

US Senators

U.S. Senators –State of California
Kamala D. Harris and Diane Feinstein



Merced County Code 9.29.050 Medical marijuana cultivation prohibited

  • A. Outdoor cultivation of medical marijuana is prohibited in all areas of the county. Indoor cultivation of medical marijuana is prohibited in all areas of the county.
  • B. This section shall not apply to cultivation of twelve (12) or fewer medical marijuana plants, mature or immature, on any parcel, as defined in this chapter.
    (Ord. 1910 § 1, 2013).



Please contact your local officials and let them know you oppose the MANUFACTURING BAN.

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Merced County Code 6.70.030 Prohibitions

The establishment and/or operation of a medicinal marijuana dispensary in any unincorporated area of Merced County is expressly prohibited. (Ord. 1830 § 2, 2007).

6.70.010 Purpose

  • A. It is the intent of this chapter to prohibit the establishment and/or operation of medicinal marijuana dispensary businesses in order to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of the unincorporated areas of the county.
  • B. The prohibition of these businesses is necessary to prevent serious, undesirable, secondary side effects on the communities in the unincorporated area. These secondary side effects include, but are not limited to, the following: decreased property values, deterioration of neighborhoods, increases in incidences of criminal activity, increases in demand for police response, increases in litter, noise, and the loss of customers from neighboring businesses. (Ord. 1830 § 2, 2007).

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