Lassen County

Regulations for Cannabis Related Commercial Activity

County Description

Lassen County is a county located in the northeastern portion of the U.S. state of California. As of the 2010 census, the population was 34,895. The county seat and only incorporated city is Susanville. Lassen County comprises the Susanville, California micropolitan statistical area. A former farming, mining and lumber area, it has an economy today dependent on employment at two state and one federal prison; the former two in Susanville and the latter in Herlong. In 2007 half the adults in Susanville worked in one of the facilities.

Political Statistics

County Board of Supervisors

State Senate

CA State Senate (District 1)
Senator Ted Gaines -REP

State Assembly

CA State Assembly (District 1)
Assembly Member Brian Dahle -REP

US Congress

U.S. Congress – House of Representatives- (1st District)
Doug LaMalfa -REP

US Senators

U.S. Senators –State of California
Kamala D. Harris and Diane Feinstein



Cultivation – No Commercial

Lassen County Muncipal Code 19.040

Conditions for cultivation

  • (a) The cultivation of marijuana in the unincorporated territory of Lassen County, indoors or outdoors, by any person, regardless of their status as a qualified patient or designated primary caregiver, is hereby declared to be unlawful and a public nuisance that may be abated in accordance with this title unless such cultivation is allowable pursuant to the conditions for cultivation set forth in this section.
    • (1) For Premises Less Than One Acre in Size. Each person who resides on premises of less than one acre in size may grow no more than twelve marijuana plants, no more than six of which may be grown outdoors. There shall be no case in which the total number of marijuana plants being grown on premises of less than one acre exceeds twelve in number.
    • (6) Maximum Number of Plants Per Patient. Notwithstanding the allowances made above for the total number of marijuana plants to be grown on a particular premises depending on the size thereof, there shall be no case in which the total number of marijuana plants being grown for an individual qualified patient exceeds twelve in number, regardless of whether the marijuana plants are being grown by the patient him or herself or by a properly designated caregiver for said patient.”



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Lassen County Munciapal Code 18.107.030

Medical marijuana dispensaries prohibited

The establishment and/or operation of medical marijuana dispensaries shall be prohibited in all areas of the county of Lassen. No permit or any other applicable license or entitlement for use, including, but not limited to, the issuance of a use permit, shall be approved or issued for the establishment or operation of a medical marijuana dispensary within the unincorporated area of the county of Lassen. (Ord. 575 § 3, 2010).

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