Calaveras County

Regulations for Cannabis Related Commercial Activity

County Description

Calaveras County, officially the County of Calaveras, is a county located in the U.S. state of California. As of the 2010 census, the population was 45,578. The county seat is San Andreas, and Angels Camp is the only incorporated city. Calaveras is the Spanish word for skulls; the county was reportedly named for the remains of Native Americans discovered by the Spanish explorer Captain Gabriel Moraga. Calaveras County is located in both the Gold Country and High Sierra regions of California.

Calaveras Big Trees State Park, a preserve of Giant Sequoia trees, is located in the county several miles east of the town of Arnold on State Highway 4. Credit for the discovery of giant sequoias here is given to Augustus T. Dowd, a trapper who made the discovery in 1852 while tracking a bear. When the bark from the “Discovery Tree” was removed and taken on a tour around the world, the trees soon became a worldwide sensation and one of the county’s first tourist attractions. The uncommon gold telluride mineral calaverite was discovered in the county in 1861 and is named for it.

Political Statistics

County Board of Supervisors

State Senate

CA State Senate (District 8)
Senator Tom Berryhill -REP

State Assembly

CA State Assembly (District 4)
Assembly Member Frank Bigelow -REP

US Congress

U.S. Congress – House of Representatives (4th District)
Tom McClintock -REP

US Senators

U.S. Senators –State of California
Kamala D. Harris and Diane Feinstein



Calaveras County Municipal Code


17.95.130 – Applicability, interpretation, and general terms.

  1. The regulations in this chapter shall apply to the location of medical cannabis cultivation and commercial activities related to medical cannabis in zoning districts described in the county code until such time as a permanent ordinance regulating these activities is enacted.

17.95.130 – Applicability, interpretation, and general terms

  1. Should the state begin issuing medical cannabis cultivation licenses under MMRSA (now MCRSA) before a permanent medical cannabis cultivation ordinance has been enacted in Calaveras County, a cultivator of medical cannabis who is registered pursuant to this chapter and who can otherwise demonstrate consistent compliance with this chapter, the county code and all other relevant laws and regulations, may request from the planning department a validation stamp on his/her registration certificate so that such document may be used as evidence of local compliance for the purposes of Business and Professions Code Section 19322(a)(2). The county does not intend any medical cannabis registration document or certificate without a validation stamp to suffice as adequate documentation of local compliance for the purpose of applying for a state license under Business and Professions Code Section 19322(a)(2).

17.95.165 – Mandatory registration of medical cannabis cultivation sites.

  1. All medical cannabis cultivation within the jurisdictional boundaries of Calaveras County shall be prohibited unless and until the cultivation site is registered with the planning department in accordance with this chapter. Registration of a medical cannabis cultivation site must be completed by June 30, 2016 and shall require all of the following conditions to be satisfied regardless of the type of cultivation or the size of the cultivation area:
  2. As of May 10, 2016, the site was located in a zone where medical cannabis cultivation is allowed pursuant to this chapter.
  3. The minimum parcel size for an outdoor or mixed light commercial medical cannabis cultivation site shall be two acres. The maximum area of cultivation shall not exceed fifteen percent of the parcel area.
  4. All persons or entities who intend to cultivate medical marijuana but who did not register prior to June 30, 2016 must file with the planning department a notice of intent to cultivate medical cannabis. Such persons or entities shall be placed on a waiting list maintained by the planning department. No permit, license, or other authorization to cultivate medical cannabis shall be issued until completion of the period of time described in Section 17.95.165(N)(1).

17.95.175 – Automatic termination of registration upon adoption of permanent ordinance.

  1. Any and all registrations of medical cannabis cultivation sites pursuant to this chapter shall, without further notice, automatically terminate and be rendered invalid ninety calendar days after a permanent medical cannabis cultivation ordinance takes effect in Calaveras County, by which time all medical cannabis cultivation sites shall comply with the terms of such permanent ordinance.



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17.91.040 – Medical cannabis dispensary use permit

Prior to initiating operations, and as a continuing prerequisite to conducting legally valid operations, any person or entity wishing to operate a medical cannabis dispensary shall apply to the planning department and receive from the county a medical cannabis dispensary administrative use permit on the terms and conditions set forth in this chapter.

17.91.050 – Operating restrictions

A medical cannabis dispensary, once permitted by the county, shall meet the following operating standards for the duration of the use:

  • A medical cannabis dispensary may possess no more than eight ounces of dried cannabis per qualified patient or caregiver, and maintain no more than six mature and twelve immature cannabis plants per qualified patient. However, if a qualified patient or primary caregiver has a doctor’s recommendation that this quantity does not meet the qualified patient’s medical needs, the dispensary may possess an amount of cannabis consistent with the patient’s needs.

17.91.050 – Operating restrictions

  • L. A dispensary that provides cannabis in the form of food or other comestibles that requires a permit from the county environmental health department shall obtain and maintain the appropriate permits from the county environmental health department for the provision of food or other comestibles.

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