Seven Questions Every Medical Marijuana Business Manager Should Be Able To Answer

  1. What is the difference between a cooperative and a collective?
  2. What is the standard that determines how much each medical cannabis patient is allowed to possess and/or grow?
  3. Can a county set limits on the amount of medical marijuana plants one can cultivate?
  4. If you setup a medical cannabis business, does it have to be a non-profit corporation?
  5. Does a collective have to register with any government agencies?
  6. What do you need to see in order to establish someone is a valid medical marijuana patient?
  7. As the manager of a legal cannabis business, are you entitled to compensation for your work?

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Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Cannabusiness Law is committed to helping the medical marijuana patients of California form and operate not-for-profit, democratically controlled cannabis cooperatives. Our firm has two divisions handling legal matters in the areas of Corporate Law and Civil Litigation.

In addition, our Clients are provided access – at a discounted rate – to a network of business professionals with experience in Accounting and Tax matters.

Proudly NORML

CannaBusiness Law is closely aligned with the NORML Women’s Alliance, where Principal Kyndra Miller is a member of the board.


About NORML Women’s Alliance

Mission Statement:

The mission of the NORML Women’s Alliance Foundation is to empower women to educate the public about the costs of marijuana prohibition and the benefits of alternative policies. The NORML Women’s Alliance Foundation advocates for responsible adult cannabis consumers by providing support and legal assistance – with a specific focus on parents and families, supporting legitimate social and scientific research endeavors, and providing accurate information to the public about the effects of marijuana and marijuana policy.

Who We Are

We are a nonpartisan coalition of educated, successful, geographically diverse, professional women who believe that cannabis prohibition is a self-destructive and hypocritical policy that undermines the American family, sends a mixed and false message to our young people, and destroys the cherished principles of personal liberty and local self-government. The prominent role of women in the effort to end marijuana prohibition is pivotal, necessary, and long overdue. Please find more information on our NORML on it’s website.

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Modern, Efficient Methods

We at CannaBusiness Law seek to increase our efficiency and client support services by ensuring that we stay technologically relevant with our tools. We believe in the concept of the right tool for the right job so we employ the use of tools to help ensure that your experience with our firm is focused on the matter at hand, not the administrative tasks around it.

Easy, Ubiquitous communication. When you are in need, getting in touch with legal counsel is paramount. Traditionally, this process is slow and cumbersome – requiring clients to leave email or phone messages, wait for a call-back, or check calendars through an assistant. Virtuosity, virtual assistant provider since 1995.To address this problem, we use the Maestro Virtual Assistant, powered by Virtuosity Software. Virtuosity has created a full-grown virtual office system by dedicating itself to provide voice-activated virtual assistant services around the country, ever since the year 1995.Virtuosity strives to provide economical communication modes via phone management tools made of voice-oriented software applications that interact like human assistants with callers. It not only handles telephone calls, but also carries out electronic tasks performed by an assistant.

Electronic Payment Options. While we do accept cash, paper checks, or telephone-based credit card processing, we don’t require them. We prefer the ease of electronic payment processing, and the security it provides. Our clients can pay online with a debit/credit card via PayPal, a secure payment processor…giving our clients peace of mind that their information is safely and securely sent.